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CKC Chicago Sale

We always have a show special when we go to scrapbook conventions like Creating Keepsakes Conventions. Recently we decided to go ahead and extend the show special not only to the show attendees, but also to all of our wonderful online customers as well. For CKC Chicago our show special is $2 off of our page kits. The regular price for Scrapbookers Painted Page Kits is $7.50, but for the week of the show, Sept. 27 through Oct. 5 our page kits are on sale for only $5.50. Also, we’ve got cardstock on sale at CKC Chicago!!! If you plan to be at the CKC Chicago Convention and you need cardstock you are in luck. Our 50 sheet packs of Scrapbookers Painted Page PRISMAGIC cardstock will be on sale for only $10 per pack. The regular price is $15 per pack for this high quality cardstock so this is a great deal! Hope to see you there :) 


Hello Scrappers!

Hello everyone!  Shawna Demmit here :)  We thought it would be fun and a good thing to keep all of you updated with a blog.  We’ve  had a very busy summer moving our warehouse/office to a new location (again).  This is the third move in five years.  Getting a little exhausting, but it’s already so worth it!  It’s been busy, but also a lot of fun to get everything reorganized and we’ve come up with new an better ways of doing things which we’re very excited about!

Now that things are getting somewhat back to normal I may just be able to get back to the art desk and come up with some new hand painted prints…YAY!!!  As much as I love everything that goes into running this business, my heart will always be with the art…ha ha :)  Anyway,  what I’m working on now is a new “Nostalgic Christmas” collection which will be themed after the 40’s to 50’s era Christmas.  We’re also brainstorming on several other new product lines  for the new year.  We’re open to suggestion and would love to hear all of yours so if you have one/some please do leave a comment with your ideas.

As I get ready to paint, our kit designer, Nancy Demmitt,  is gearing up to create lots of new page kits and quick pages.  We can’t wait to roll out a mountain of new stuff between now and the new year.  And we’ve got a head start as you can see on the home page of  LOTS of new Halloween prints!!!

Till next time…Happy Scrapping!

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